Keeping Your BMW Navigation Up to Date: Why and How


Gone are the days when a BMW only required occasional oil changes and tire replacements for maintenance. With the advent of modern BMWs equipped with iDrive technology, ensuring your car's software and navigation system are up to date has become an essential task. This article explores the significance of updating your BMW's navigation system and provides a comprehensive guide on the process.

The Importance of Regular Navigation Updates:

In a dynamic world, roads are in a constant state of change. New roads emerge, old ones close, and traffic patterns evolve. When relying on your navigation system, the last thing you want is to be directed down the wrong path or find yourself on nonexistent roads. BMW recognizes this and annually incorporates over 140,000 miles of new road data into its maps. Keeping your navigation system current translates to a more accurate and enjoyable driving experience.

Verifying Your Current Map Version:

Determining your BMW's navigation system version is straightforward. Within the iDrive navigation map, access the settings menu and scroll to the bottom. Look for the "Navigation system version" submenu, which will display the year of your current map.

Methods for Updating Your BMW Navigation System:

The method for updating your BMW's navigation system depends on your car's iDrive system version. This article provides easy-to-understand explanations for different models.

1. BMW DVD Navigation (CCC Units):

Older iDrive models utilize DVDs to store map data. To update, replace your existing DVD with a newer map version compatible with your vehicle's make and model.

2. BMW USB Navigation (NBT, CIC, EVO Systems):

Modern BMWs feature internal memory for storing maps, resulting in faster navigation. Updating involves saving the new map to a USB stick or purchasing a preloaded USB map. Insert the USB into your BMW's port, and the system will prompt you to install the update.

A Note on FSC Activation Code:

For certain updates, you might need an FSC activation code, which is specific to your vehicle's VIN. These codes are available for purchase and ensure a seamless update process.

The Update Process:

The update process generally takes around 1.5 hours. During this time, keep your car turned on and connected to a battery charger to ensure a smooth update. Once complete, your refreshed navigation system is ready for use. Note that cars manufactured before March 2010 might require additional software updates for USB compatibility.

Distinguishing Navigation Business and Navigation Professional:

The distinction between these two navigation systems lies mainly in screen size and features. Navigation Professional boasts a larger, higher-resolution screen. Differences in map, memory, and speed can also exist depending on the model year.

Getting the Right Update:

Identifying your BMW's navigation system—Business or Professional—is crucial for selecting the correct update version. We can assist using your VIN to determine the appropriate update for your vehicle.

Final Thoughts:

While this guide offers general advice on updating your BMW's navigation system, there may be variations and more intricate methods based on your region or vehicle specifics. Contact us to ensure a smooth and accurate update process. Their original BMW products, including DVD and USB map updates, guarantee a seamless experience, with the option to purchase FSC activation codes tailored to your VIN.


Maintaining a modern BMW extends beyond traditional maintenance tasks. Keeping your navigation system up to date through regular updates ensures accurate guidance and a superior driving experience. By understanding your BMW's navigation system version and following the recommended update methods, you can effortlessly enjoy the benefits of cutting-edge navigation technology.

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